Financial Aid in Three Easy Steps!

To receive financial aid, you must complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at or Dream Act application at . Sacramento State’s federal school code is 001150.
Apply by the priority deadline, MARCH 2 annually to receive the most money
At least TWO MONTHS BEFORE school starts to get ANY money

When you receive your admissions notification you will also receive your Sac State ID number and instructions on how to create your My Sac State account. Create your My Sac State account right away.. . We communicate to students through their My Sac State Student Center. Check your Student Center frequently for an To Do list items, Holds and messages.
Once your file is complete, you will get an “award notification” that explains what financial aid is coming your way. You'll get an e-mail on your My Sac State. You must accept or decline your financial aid awards on your Student Center in order to get your money.

Remember Newton's third law of motion:

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

Every time you do something with financial aid, something should happen via your My Sac State. If you don't see anything within a few weeks of taking an action, , please be sure to call us at (916) 278-6554
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