How Do I Find A Job?

Do you need to work while you are going to school (as most of our students do)? The Career Center is available to assist you. They can help you find a job, get an internship, or even help you create or spruce up your resume. In choosing a job, try to find one that allows you to work 20 hours a week or less. Almost all of the on-campus jobs fit this guideline. Students who work more than 20 hours have trouble keeping up with a full load of classes. If you need to work more than 20 hours, make sure to adjust your schedule accordingly to give yourself the best chance for success.
Visit the Career Center is in Lassen Hall, Room 2000, call (916) 278-6231, or visit the Career Center website.
Students may also be awarded Federal Work-Study (FWS). Submit your FAFSA as close to January 1 as possible and indicate “yes” you are interested in the Work Study program. This financial aid program allows students to work part-time on or off campus. If awarded FWS, students will be given specific instructions through their My Sac State account on the process in finding a job. Another benefit of FWS is that student earnings are not counted as income when students fill out their financial aid application each year.
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