What health services are available on campus?

The on-campus Student Health Center offers care for minor illness and injury, birth control methods and supplies, fitness, immunizations, laboratory, pharmacy, physical exams, pregnancy testing, nutrition, optometry, STD/STI testing and treatment, therapeutic massage, and x-ray. Students and their parents/families/support networks should have information about the following:

Health Care Costs All currently enrolled students pay a student health fee, which covers most of the health services provided at the WELL, although students may have to pay for some additional services like OTC pharmacy items, medical supplies and some lab tests.
Medical Appointments If a student needs to be seen right away, Health Center staff are available on a "walk-in" basis. In this case, the student will be evaluated for the health concern, and if necessary be seen by a medical provider as soon as possible. Advance appointments are also available for women's annual exams, physicals, eye exams, and massage. For more info or to schedule an appointment, call 278-6461.
Health Insurance -Domestic students are not required to have health insurance, and health insurance isn’t necessary to use the Student Health Center. Major illnesses and injuries that are beyond the scope of care of the Student Health Center may require care at a local hospital. When a student receives outside health care, he or she is financially responsible for covering the costs associated with that care. Any outside health services received by a student are their financial responsibility. If you are interested in health insurance, contact the campus Associated Students, Inc at 278-6784 or this website: www.csuhealthlink.com

For more info, go to www.csus.edu/hlth or call 278-6461

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