What To Study

It's a Major Decision

Shortly after you arrive on campus, people will be asking you, "What’s your major?" You have almost 60 majors to choose from. How will you decide? Don’t worry—you don’t have to decide right away. You can be “undeclared” for a few semesters (we recommend no more than four). Check out the sections above for more information.

Where to Get Help

Academic Advisors and Career Counselors will help you with the whole process.
For more information contact:

Academic Advising Center at www.csus.edu/acad
Career Center at www.csus.edu/careercenter
Sac State Catalog at http://aaweb.csus.edu/catalog/home.asp
Study Abroad at http://www.csus.edu/oge/

What to Study Intro Video

Need help with choosing a major?

Watch this video for information on where to start.

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