What's A Major?

When you graduate, you'll have earned a bachelor's degree in a particular area of study. That area of study is called a "major." A bachelor's degree is not JUST about your major, though. Sac State graduates also take a series of courses called general education and electives. Together, all of these types of courses help you become a well-rounded person—and someone whom employers want to hire! You will learn more about all of this at Orientation.
Your major may not match the title of your future job—that's okay! Having a bachelor's degree from Sac State shows people that you have the ability to multi-task, think critically, and stay committed to something for at least 4 years.
Many students change their major at least once along the way—whether you start your first year as "undeclared" or choose a major now, you can always change your mind and your major along the way.
Check out the Sac State catalog to see the list of majors you can choose from. If you know right now that there are some you don't like, cross them out and narrow down the possible choices that make sense for you. Sometimes having too many choices is overwhelming – make it easy on yourself by eliminating those you know will not work. But on the flip side of that coin, if you've never heard of a major, look it up. You might find out that it's something you want to learn more about.
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