Where Do I Get Help?

The Academic Advising and Career Center is one of the best places to get help choosing classes, a major, or a potential career.

The Academic Advising Center is where first time students go for mandatory freshmen advising, but any and all students are encouraged to drop in for advice. Academic Advising is an excellent place to begin thinking and talking about choosing a major. Advisors there can also help you decide how many classes are right for you, and how much time you can fit into your schedule for work, sports, clubs, student government, etc.
The Career Center has books, brochures, and online resources to help you decide about a major or future career. And there are career counselors to help you all along the way.
The Sac State Catalog online is another helpful resource.

Some staff members have been on campus for awhile – and some are alumni – ask them about their experiences!

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