Friday October 5, 2012
Sequoia 316

Professor Julie A. Leary
University of California, Davis
Department of Molecular & Cellular Biology

Title: "Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions: Ion Mobility and RAPTOR Analysis for Isomeric Differentiation"


This seminar will present IM data showing separation and detection of isomeric glycosaminoglycans (GAG) both with and without protein complexation.  Chemokine proteins are involved in inflammation and as such complex with GAG during the activation step of chemotaxis.  Comparison of different chemokine conformations suggests that the GAG will complex to different areas of the protein and that sulfation pattern may play a part in complexation.  A relatively new modeling program, RAPTOR, is used for determining theoretical cross sections and overall conformation of proteins for which there is no crystal or NMR structure.  Both RAPTOR and IM provide valuable information on isomeric separation, identification and conformation of both carbohydrate alone, and with its’ protein partner.