Friday February 8, 2013
Sequoia 316

Marci Jefcoat
CSUS Alumni
Art Conservation Intern

Title: "Pre-Program Student Experiences in Art Conservation and Conservation Science"


Art conservation is a profession devoted to the long-term preservation of artistic works and cultural heritage, supported by professionals whose multifaceted educational backgrounds combine studies in chemistry, art history, studio art and the humanities.

Specializations within the field are numerous, and include conservators whose work is concentrated in one or more areas, including the conservation of paintings, textiles, objects, archaeological and ethnographic materials, metals, glass, ceramics, musical instruments, archival materials, books, photographs, paper and electronic media, to name just a few. Conservation science, another specialization within the field of art conservation, involves the technical study of material compositions, interactions and structural degradation, providing scientific analysis and support towards conservation treatments.  Museums, governmental institutions, archival facilities, libraries and different universities around the world rely on both fields to stabilize and preserve their collections.
This seminar will discuss the interdisciplinary professions of art conservation and conservation science, the prerequisite requirements for admission into graduate programs in art conservation, as well as the necessity for gaining pre-program experience in the field, including involvement with research and treatments undertaken.  Examples provided will encompass a variety of conservation disciplines, including the treatment of paintings and textile objects, as well as the technical analysis of photographs and polymer composite materials.  Non-destructive spectroscopic methods including FT-Raman, Dispersive Raman and X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) will also be introduced for their use in the material analysis of various objects in museum, research and private collections.