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Course Decription
CHEM    1A General Chemistry I
CHEM    1B General Chemistry II
CHEM    4 Chemical Calculations
CHEM    5 Chemistry for Nurses
CHEM    6A Introduction to General Chemistry
CHEM   6B Introduction to Organic and Biological Chemistry
CHEM   20 Organic Chemmistry Lecture - Brief Course
CHEM   20L Introductory Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM   24 Organic Chemistry Lecture I
CHEM   25 Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM   31 Quantitative Analysis
CHEM  106 Chemical Concepts
CHEM  110 Inorganic Chemistry Lecture
CHEM  110L Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM  124 Organic Chemistry Lecture II
CHEM  125 Advanced Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM  133 Chemical Instrumentation
CHEM  140A Physical Chemistry Lecture I
CHEM  140B Physical Chemistry Lecture II
CHEM  141 Physical Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM  142 Introduction to Physical Chemistry
CHEM  160A Structure and Function of Biological Molecules
CHEM  160B Metabolism and Regulation of Biological Systems
CHEM  161 General Biochemistry
CHEM  162 General Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM  164 Advanced Biochemistry Laboratory
CHEM  189 Directed Research (Undergraduate)
CHEM  194 Chemistry-Related Work Experience
Graduate Courses  
CHEM  220 Spectromic Identification of Compounds
CHEM  221 Synthesis and Reactivity of Organic Compounds
CHEM  230 Separation Methods in Chemistry
CHEM  231 Chemical Separations Laboratory
CHEM  240 Advanced Instrumentation Laboratory
CHEM  245 Computational Chemistry
CHEM  250 Selected Topics in Chemistry
CHEM  260 Protein Biochemistry
CHEM  261 Nucleic Acid Chemistry
CHEM  294 Seminar in Chemistry
CHEM  299 Special Problems
CHEM  500 Culminating Experience