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College of Education

Teaching For Change


Welcome to the College of Education website! Thank you for taking time to view this site and learn more about the programs and services we offer. We are very excited about these programs. Our faculty, students, and staff are highly capable, knowledgeable, and resourceful individuals committed to the success of our educational community. We prepare future educators that are actively informed and engaged community leaders, policy makers, teachers, counselors, and administrators.

Dean's Message

Leadership Team

Alexander "Sasha" Sidorkin

Associate Dean Ana Garcia-Nevarez

Ana Garcia-Nevarez
Associate Dean

Chair Karen O'Hara

Karen O'Hara
Chair, Undergraduate Studies

Chair Stephanie Biagetti

Stephanie Biagetti
Chair, Teaching Credentials

Chair Sue Heredia

Sue Heredia
Chair, Graduate Studies

Director Julian Vasquez Heilig

Julian Vasquez Heilig
Director, EdD Doctoral Program