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Holly Siino: Latest in a long line of Hornets

Holly Siino

Making the Dean’s Honor Roll for in Fall 2016 was probably not the greatest honor Holly Siino has achieved, but the College of Education is proud to count her among its Class of 2017 Child Development majors nonetheless.

“I have been on the Dean’s Honor list in the past,” she says, “However, I think this semester it meant the most to me because it was probably the most challenging semester of my college career."

In fact, she won the Provost’s Award for Research Excellence in the Spring of 2016 at the Student Research Symposium. “I felt like the skills that I had learned throughout my college experience had really been refined such that I could complete a successful research project,” she says. “All of my hard work had paid off.”

She attributes her success to taking the opportunity to visit professors during office hours to ask questions and seek help. She also tries to budget her time so that she can stay organized and on top of her work, while also setting aside time for exercise and seeing friends. “I usually play soccer 2-3 times per week,” she says, “and I really do believe that helps my study time be more effective.”

Siino currently works in the Center for College & Career Readiness, helping middle school, high school, and college students prepare for study at the university. She gets inspiration from the long line of Hornets in her family, including her father, aunt, uncle and cousin. “I can remember visiting my cousin in her Sac State dorm at an early age and thinking how cool it would be to go to Sac State someday. My dad has always encouraged me to make education a priority in my life and even continue to graduate school.”

She plans to do just that, entering the master’s program in Child Development this fall. She hopes to study the importance of students’ social-emotional development in the context of the Common Core era.

“I love working with students and am passionate about the field of education,” she says. “Wherever life takes me, I hope I can make an impact in such a way that my work helps to create pathways for success for students of all abilities and backgrounds.”

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