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Simran Bhangu: Making grades her first priority

Simran Bhangu: Dean's Honor Roll

Simran Bhangu is the first in her family to go to college, yet she’s made the Dean’s Honor Roll for academic achievement four times.

“I have seen how my parents struggle trying to have money for themselves and their 3 children,” says Simran. “They kept telling me they want better for me.  I also want to set an example for my two other siblings, since I am the oldest in my family.”

 After graduating this spring with a bachelor’s degree in Child Development, Simran wants to master in Psychology and become a child psychologist.

 “The high point of my college experience has been finally choosing a major (Child Development) that I love and enjoying my classes. I want to learn and be educated about my major so I can do well in my job in the future,” she says.

Maintaining the grades to be on the Honor Roll, not just once but multiple times, takes forethought, Simran says. “I make sure to do any assignments that I can get done early, early. With those out of the way, I can focus on any big projects and assignments as well as having more time to study for my tests and quizzes. It really is just time management and prioritizing.”

Thanks to careful control of her schedule, Simran still has time to socialize and be part of the Phi Sigma Sigma Organization. She does her best to attend all events and philanthropies held in the Greek community to raise funds. “Without time management this would not be possible,” she says, “because my grades are my first priority.”

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