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TEACHing for Change

E = Equity and Social Justice

Recognition and creation of spaces, programs, and learning communities that ensure that all participants have a voice in what happens in their schools, communities, government and other institutions impacting their lives.

Perhaps no concept is as central to the spirit of education as that of equity. The effectiveness of schools and other learning environments can be measured by the degree to which they are influential across social and economic boundaries. Equality for all means, ultimately, education for all. In this respect, the College is devoted to fostering policy and practice that make education accessible to all.

Social Justice
Justice is equity's twin. For education to be truly dedicated to equality, it must incorporate a philosophy of social justice. Social justice is the means by which the notion of equality is made real in action. In the realm of education, social justice is promoted by economically, socially, and politically articulate educators, individuals that have a firm grasp on current challenges and a vision for adopting positive policy to meet those challenges.

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