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TEACHing for Change

H = Human Capital and Diversity

Ethnic, racial, language, specialized needs (i.e. physical, cognitive, social/personal), deaf and hard of hearing, sexual orientation, regional and geographical differences are viewed as our strength and are necessary to ensuring and creating social, political and economic opportunities for those within our P/K-12 schools, communities and within our region.

Human Capital
In the end, knowledge resides not with books or electronic libraries, but with the people that apply that stored information. Human capital is the most precious asset in any organization. It is the sum of not just factual knowlege, but also the expression of experience, social literacy, creativity, and diversity. The College is not its buildings or computers, but its community of people.

If human capital is essentially a knowledge community, then that community becomes more valuable as it becomes more diverse. The College is committed to this notion - our community becomes more effective and intelligent the more it includes a broad representation of our culture.

TEACHing For Change - The Rest of the Story

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