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TEACHing for Change

T = Transformative Teaching, Learning and Leadership Roles

Teachers, Administrators, Counselors and Leaders who are actively engaged in the development of critically reflective spaces, focus on innovative directions within P-K through 12 public and private schools, agencies, community based organizations and programs.

Transformative Teaching
A great teacher is many things in addition to being a knowledge instructor. Teachers that change lives are mentors, motivators, couselors, guides, coaches, friends. They are, in the most basic sense, emblematic of those essential social ties vital to making us better people, not simply more knowledgeable ones.

Transformative Learning
Effective strategies for fostering learning must be adaptable, honoring traditional practice when it is effective, but implementing novel strategies when they show greater utility. Transformative learning ties this effectiveness not simply with knowledge transmission, but with those skills that make a student a true learner: critical thinking, self-direction, inquisitiveness.

Transformative Leadership
The professional educator must, in addition to mastering teaching and learning philosophy, understand the role of effective leadership. Whether in the classroom, the counseling center, or as a community member, educators are leaders and must learn how to be so effectively. The skill set for the transformative leader is founded on a few essential principals: collaboration, vision, knowledge, focus.

TEACHing For Change - The Rest of the Story

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