TEACHing for Change

T = Transformative Teaching, Learning and Leadership Roles
E = Equity and Social Justice
A = Active Civic Engagement
C = Collaboration and Communication
H = Human Capital and Diversity

TEACHing for Change intersects with the mission and intent of the Sacramento State vision that “Leadership begins here.” Given that leadership begins here, the College of Education prepares educators, counselors, administrators and other school personnel to become active change agents – candidates that recognize, understand and create responsive programs and activities to transform and reform curriculum and programs within our P/K – 12 schools, communities and other agencies. TEACHing for Change reflects the College of Education's mission to prepare educators, counselors, administrators and social change agents who work and live in the Sacramento region.

Conceptual Framework

As we move forward in the 21st century, increasing emphasis is placed on globalization and the global economy, green environment and ecology, technology and the information systems, transformation and transformative learning models and perspectives. The College of Education must provide space and create opportunities for individuals to engage in critical and reflective dialogue and activities that will change and shape our institutions and communities to address these multiple and intersecting realities. As a college of committed scholars, practitioners, and professionals, we began an assessment of our curriculum, programs, and services two years ago. We are still engaged in this process, as we are committed to making decisions based on data. We believe that change is initiated based on our understanding of what we need to change, as well as what we need to maintain.

T = Transformative Teaching, Learning and Leadership Roles
Teachers, Administrators, Counselors and Leaders who are actively engaged in the development of critically reflective spaces, focus on innovative directions within P-K through 12 Public and Private Schools, agencies, community based organizations and programs.

E = Equity and Social Justice
Recognition and creation of spaces, programs, and learning communities that ensure that all participants have a voice in what happens in their schools, communities, government and other institutions impacting their lives.

A = Active Civic Engagement
Understanding that as agents of change we are responsible for developing opportunities and possibilities for those that may appear to be disadvantages or marginalized (and understanding that none of us can do this alone).

C = Collaboration and Communication
Recognition and understanding of the various philosophical, theoretical, ideological positions that impact how we live, operate and speak with one another.

H = Human Capital
Ethnic, racial, language, specialized needs (i.e. physical, cognitive, social/personal), deaf and hard of hearing, sexual orientation, regional and geographical differences are viewed as our strength and are necessary to ensuring and creating social, political and economic opportunities for those within our P/K-12 schools, communities and within our region

A Dedication to Future Educators

TEACHing for Change promotes the belief that the goal of the College is to prepare future teachers, counselors, administrators and other school personnel who:

  • recognize and understand that while we live locally, we must act globally;

  • have knowledge skills and dispositions that are grounded in sound practical, philosophical, theoretical, and pedagogical methods of transformative learning and leadership;

  • recognize, understand and apply values, principles of equity and social justice in public and private contexts;

  • appreciate and value language, socio-economic, race, gender, specialized needs (i.e. physical, cognitive, social/personal), deaf and hard of hearing, sexual orientation, religious beliefs and differences and other factors influencing our lives;

  • recognize how these factors might impact the way we teach, administer programs, counsel students within our schools, communities and agencies

  • empower and provide opportunities for individuals, children, and families to engage and become responsible citizens locally and globally.

A Commitment to a Vibrant Learning Community

  1. Develop curriculum and programs that address the academic/educational, socio-cultural, economic and political realities of schools and communities;

  2. Establish a Center for Equity and Social Justice to provide opportunities for active engagement and discussions about change, teaching and learning in all disciplines and subject areas;

  3. Provide professional development activities to assist in the development of models and curriculum frameworks to enhance teaching and learning opportunities;

  4. Incorporate models and activities that promote greater dialogue, community, and engagement concerning issues impacting teaching and learning;

  5. Promote interdisciplinary dialogue and engagement within and outside of the College of Education about best practices for teaching and learning;

  6. Devise and establish collaborations with K-12 superintendents and partners, community agencies and other institutions of higher education throughout the Sacramento region to assist us in meeting the aforementioned objectives.