Single Subject Credential: Math Blended

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The Single Subject Teaching Credential (SSTC) authorizes the holder to provide instruction in approved subject areas in a departmentalized classroom. In reality, almost all junior and senior high school teachers hold the SSTC. Single Subject Teaching Credentials can be obtained in the following teaching areas: Art, English, Spanish, French, German, Health Science, Home Economics, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education, Biology, Chemistry, Geoscience, Physics and Social Science. Students who seek an added credential authorization to teach in another subject area can obtain information on added authorizations from the Credentials Office in Eureka Hall 209.

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Units required for Major: 50
Minimum total units required for BA: 120

Refer to the catalog for detailed admission and academic requirements.

Course Listing

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Learning Outcomes

  • Candidates will identify [students'] individual differences in development, in languages, and in experiences, and use understanding of these differences to support the achievement of their students.
  • Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of the learning process, the diagnosis of learning problems and strengths, and the process of evaluating their students' achievement.
  • Candidates will identify social, cognitive and affective needs of students and plan and implement appropriate lessons to meet those needs.
  • Candidates will teach lessons that utilize a range of strategies, e.g., inquiry, discovery, problem solving, inductive reasoning, that address the varying needs of the students.
  • Candidates will study various models of and strategies for classroom management and be able to identify and use elements that promote an equitable, productive and positive learning environment for all students.
  • Candidates will evidence effective communication skills, both written and oral, to stimulate optimal student learning.
  • Candidates will demonstrate effective interpersonal skills including conflict resolution and problem solving.
  • Candidates will evidence desirable professional attributes and dispositions essential to working successfully in schools, e.g., prompt, dependable, self-directed, flexible, and responsive to constructive criticism.
  • Candidates will explore and draw on community and family resources to enhance their students' learning.
  • Candidates will demonstrate knowledge of the role of the teacher in the profession and in the community.


Pia Wong
(916) 278-5399
Eureka Hall 401

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