Multiple Subject: Mandatory Orientation

Fall Semester 2017

Date:      Thursday, August 3 (All candidates EXCEPT for those placed SCUSD) AIRC 1011

               Wednesday, August 23 (Only candidates placed at SCUSD) EUR 329

               Thursday, August 24 (All candidates) MND 1005

  Friday, August 25 (All candidates) MND 1005

The orientation will be a mix of instruction and community building. The following experiences will encompass the orientation.

Schedule for Thursday, August 24th and Friday, August 25th

Thursday, August 24, 2017

  • 9:00 – 11:50am (What does it mean to be a Teacher?)
  • 12:00 – 1:00pm LUNCH (Bring your Own)
  • 1:00 – 4:00pm (Signature Components)
  • 4:00 – 4:30pm (CoE Scholarship Recipient Orientation)
  • 4:30 – 6:50pm (Former Teacher Candidate Panel)

Friday, August 25, 2017

  • 9:00 – 12:15pm (Lesson Planning)
  • 12:15-1:15 LUNCH with “Lunch Buddies” more information to come
  • 1:15 – 3:15pm (Expectations for the cohort/Artifact sharing/Planning for 5-minute lesson)

MAKE A FEW SCHEDULE ADJUSTMENTS: We would like to alert you to a few schedule changes in effect for August 28th through September 1st ONLY. The activities for orientation (August 24th and August 25th) and JumpStart week (August 28th through September 1st) are outlined in the following table:

Two Semester click here

Please make a note of the days and times of JumpStart week requirements and plan accordingly. The changes to the schedule for JumpStart week are not permanent; the posted schedule (available here: will be in effect from September 5th until the end of the fall term.


Please complete the assigned summer readings prior to the first day of orientation on August 24th.  These readings form the foundation of our program’s philosophy and therefore pertain, in some way, to all of your program experiences. They are, in addition, required readings for the EDMS 334A/B Principles of Teaching courses: Foundations (Wednesdays) and Fundamentals (Fridays). (Books should be purchased through Amazon where they will be less expensive than the Hornet Bookstore. Books will be used all year long so renting is also a good option.)

Check on MySacState for your EDMS 334A/B section – then see reading assignments below. If you are not registered please email Linda Lugea ( ASAP.

  1. Please use the following link to access and read the Educational Leadership summer issue, and the articles assigned to your cohort: (Foundations)


Perspectives/Working with change in schools
Table of Contents


How to Keep Mutiny from Sinking Your Change Effort
Managing Change—Before It Drives You Out of Teaching
Empowering Teachers to Respond to Change
Staying Centered in a Compliance-Driven World


Double Take
Making Progress Possible: A Conversation with Michael Fullan
When Classroom Practice Meets Education Policy
To Drive Change, Realign Your Resources


How the Hack Mindset Can Foster Innovation in Schools
Educators Need Grit Too!
A Turnaround Success Story
Planting the Seeds of Change (Literally)
  1. Learning to Trust:  Transforming Difficult Elementary Classrooms Through Developmental Discipline by Marilyn Watson and Laura Ecken) ISBN-13: 978-0787966508 (Fundamentals).  On Amazon with prime the hardback is $32.14 from other sellers on Amazon new/used start at $10.77
  2. Critical Practices for Anti-Bias Education (Foundations)
  3. Teacher Performance Expectations (Fundamentals)

Reading Directions

Annotate (online or on hard copy): you will need the most updated version of Acrobat to annotate online

  • Notice: Underline the main points
  • Wonderings: Put question marks next to text that you have questions about, and write out the questions
  • At the end of each section, write down: “The most important point” AND “The muddiest point”

Other books/subscription required for the EDMS 334A/B (Foundations and Fundamentals) classes during the fall semester include (purchase these as soon as possible and be sure to get the correct editions using ISBN numbers below):

  1. Educational Leadership: please purchase a one-year subscription, either hard copy or online:call and ask for a student subscription, you will need to give your MySacState ID number.
  2. Teaching to Change the World by Jeanne Oaks and Martin fourth edition ISBN-13: 978-1612052274 – Amazon has the text as a rental at $15.42 per semester
  3. Setting Limits by Robert J Mackenzie revised edition ISBN-13: 978-0761516750 on Amazon new - $14.40; used $11.95 (both offered prime)
  4. The First Six Weeks of School second edition, ISBN-13: 978-1892989819 on Amazon (be sure to get the second edition, it is quite different from the first).  Bring this text “The First Six Weeks of School, second edition” to your Orientation on Wednesday, August 3, 2017 for those NOT placed in SCUSD or Wednesday, August 23, 2017 if you are placed in SCUSD.
  5. New Teacher Handbook: Finding Purpose, Balance and Hope During your First Years in the Classroom
    ISBN: 9780942961478
  6. Reaching All by Creating Tribes Learning Communities by Jeanne Gibbs- be sure to get 2014 edition ISBN: 978-0932762-41-2 (must use this ISBN) Order from for $39.95

Bring ALL materials (except the Educational Leadership) to the first Principles of Teaching – Foundations/Fundamentals (EDMS 334A/B) class.


If you have any questions regarding the required readings or textbooks, please contact your appropriate Principles of Teaching – Foundations/Fundamentals instructors Ms. Lana Daly (, Dr. Sue Baker ( or Dr. Aaminah Norris (

For Orientation logistics please contact Lynn Solari (