Daniel Clark Orey, Ph.D.

Daniel Orey

Professor of Mathematics and Multicultural Education
Sacramento State

Office: 214 Eureka Hall
Phone: (916) 278-5531
Email: orey@csus.edu

Background Information

See also: www.csus.edu/indiv/o/oreyd/bio.htm

Daniel Clark Orey, Ph.D., is Professor of Multicultural and Mathematics Education and a frequent instructor in the Department of Learning Skills at Sacramento State. As the Coordinator and Principle Investigator of the Algorithm Collection Project, he is interested in diverse ways that recently arrived immigrants to our community calculate, and think mathematically.

In 2007, he served as a Senior Fulbright Specialist to Kathmandu University where he was invited to teach a course in ethnomathematics. Prof. Orey is the former Director of Professional Development at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Sacramento State. He earned his doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction in Multicultural Education from the University of New Mexico in 1988. During his doctoral work, he has served as a consultant at both the Colegio Americano de Puebla and to Apple de México.

Both his doctoral and master’s work was funded by Mellon-Tinker field research grants, one of which took him to Highland Maya Guatemala with a TI-99a computer. A graduate of Oregon State University in 1978, he began his teaching career at Monitor Elementary School in Mt. Angel, Oregon. He has taught mathematics at Riverdale School in Portland Oregon, the Colegio Americano de Guatemala in Guatemala City, and the Escuela Americano de Bananera, Guatemala. He is a founding board member, former Secretary General, and currently serves as Vice President for North America of the Sociedade Internacional para Estudos da Criança.

In 1998, on invitation from Prof. Ubiratan D’Ambrosio, he received a Fulbright Scholarship to do classroom research and to teach in the mathematical modeling/ethnomathematics cohort at the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Campinas in Brasil. During the 2005-2006 academic year, he served as a visiting professor and researcher in ethnomathematics at the Univeridade Federal de Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais, Brasil with a very generous grant from CNPq (Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico do Brasil).

Together with Milton Rosa, he has published numerous books, articles and chapters, and has given numerous workshops, talks and speeches in numerous countries. He speaks, writes and is published in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

Research Interests

  • Ethnomathematics
  • Mathematics education
  • Multicultural-bilingual education
  • International-global education


Full list available at: www.csus.edu/indiv/o/oreyd/res.interactive.htm

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