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Nazia Mostafa, Cohort 7

nazia-mostafa.jpgDr. Nazia Mostafa is an Adjunct Counselor/Professor at Solano Community College (SCC). As an Adjunct Counselor/Professor, she works on articulation functions between SCC, CSUs, UCs, independent, private, out-of-state four-year institutions, and other community colleges. She promotes and supports Intersegmental cooperation to facilitate the transition of students. Furthermore; she advises students on various aspects of college programs including majors, course selection, transferability, and pre-requisites for degree and transfer plans.

As Champion of Change, Dr. Mostafa serves at-risk students who come from such backgrounds as low socio-economic status, English language learners, students with physical and/or mental disabilities, first-generation college students, and under-prepared college students.

The encouragement and support she received from her community college counselor led her to pursue a career in higher education. As an educator, she aspires to continue reaching out to students who are struggling to complete their educational goals. She is passionate about providing equal opportunities to all learners. Her ultimate goal is to continue giving back to the society by making positive changes in the lives of students. She strives to help students improve their academic performances, develop self-confidence, and achieve their educational, professional, and personal goals.

Dr. Mostafa holds a Bachelor’s in Sociology and Master’s in Counseling with an emphasis in College Student Services and Career Counseling.

Research Interests:

  • Impact of English and math remediation on student success
  • Success rate of students placed on academic probation and academic dismissal
  • First-generation College Students
  • Effect of Early College High School program

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