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Photo of Hasan Abdulmalik

Hasan Abdulmalik

A Study of the Impact of a Summer School Intervention Program on Ninth Grade Transition to High School

Photo of Willie Armstrong
Willie Armstrong
Legislative Director,
Assembly Member Anna Caballero

The Role of Skills and Behaviors in Students of Color that Traditionally have Low Admissions Rate to the University of California

Photo of Anita Benitas
Anita Benitas
Consultant, California Teachers Association
Instruction and Professional Development
Phone: (562) 478-1346

Overcoming program improvement status: a strength based approach to school improvement

Photo of Mike Christensen

Mike Christensen
AVP, Risk Management Services
CSU, Sacramento
Phone: (916) 278-5252

Does Agreement Matter: How Differences in Supervisor-Subordinate Agreement Affect Supervisor Ratings of Subordinate Effectiveness

Photo of Carla Galbraith
Carla Galbraith
Vice Principal
Franklin High School

A phenomenological study of top performing 12th grade African-American high school students

Photo of Gema Godina
Gema Godina
ELL Coordinator, Social Science Teacher
Sacramento City Unified School District
Phone: (916) 264-4400

The sustainability of critical Xicana/Xicano educators

Photo of Gloria Hernandez
Gloria Hernandez

Parent involvement: perceptions of parents and teachers

Photo of Justin Mason
Justin Mason
High School Teacher
San Juan Unified School District
Phone: (916) 747-7389

The Role of the Teacher in Advance Placement (AP) Access

Photo of Carolyn Nichols
Carolyn Nichols

What specific actions and leadership qualities does a school leader exhibit to create and foster a school dedicated to the development and implementation of the primary years program of the international baccalaureate program?

Photo of Kadhir Raja
Kadhir Raja

Impact of C.R.E.A.T.E on Urban Student Success in Mathematics

Photo of Milton Rosa
Milton Rosa
Encina Preparatory High School
Phone: (916) 971-7544
Alt. Phone: (916) 359-3061
Email: Profile

A Mixed-methods Study to Understand the Perceptions of High School Leaders about ELL Students: The Case of Mathematics

Photo of Adrienne Thompson

Adrienne Thompson

African-American Female Faculty at a Northern California State University: Recruitment and Retention

Photo of Hector Topete
Hector Topete
Colonel/Doctoral Candidate
Phone: (916) 837-1691

The Relationship Between Peer Perceptions and Grades Among Latino High School Students: Myth or Reality?

Photo of William Vang
William Vang

Impacts of participation in Hmong as world language classes on outcomes for Hmong American high school students

Photo of Mario Walker
Marrio Walker

Inequitable Measures...The Impact of NCLB on California Public Schools Making Adequate Yearly Progress

Angelo Williams
Angelo Williams
Student Services Intervention
Specialist and Supervisor
Cosumnes River College

Leadership Implications of INREACH ( A retention Intervention for African American Community College Students)