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Doctorate in

Educational Leadership

Student Profile

Eduardo Gonzalez

Eduardo Gonzalez

Fourth Grade Teacher,
Dingle Elementary School

Phone: (916) 670-5127

Background Information
Mr. Gonzalez's family immigrated to the United States in the late 1970's. He became a first generation college student. His early childhood included working on a farm, as well as harvesting various crops as a field worker throughout the San Joaquin Valley. Mr. Gonzalez understands the importance of education and infuses the passion for learning into his students. Currently he is a fourth grade teacher for the Woodland Unified School District as well as a summer school principal. He has worked at Dingle Elementary School for the past seven years and he enjoys transforming students into life-long learners. Mr. Gonzalez easily relates to the population he serves due to a similar cultural background. Mr. Gonzalez instills a sense of pride, self worth, and the belief that students can and will achieve their dreams. He is an excellent role-model for disadvantaged youth.