Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies

Current Issue: Volume 4.1, June 2014

Cover of JTLPs issue 4.1, June 2014

Issue Topics
Imagining alternatives for assessment, pedagogical practices that embrace Native American culture, reflective essays employing transformational leadership, three book reviews, and s STEM report underscore issues of public policy, access, and arguments both for and against the new Common Core State Standards (CCSS) across P-20 education.

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Sponsored by the California State University’s Chancellor’s Office and the system’s sixteen Education Doctorate programs, the Journal of Transformative Leadership and Policy Studies (JTLPs) publishes peer-reviewed studies for the educational leadership and policy community in California and beyond. The focus is to advance our understanding of solutions to the many problems faced by the nation’s schools and colleges.

JTLPs is a peer-reviewed journal that explores:

  • learning, equity, and achievement for all students;
  • managing the complexities of educational organizations;
  • strategies for educators to affect the school change process;
  • educational policies that bear on the practice of education in the public setting.

JTLPs is an online journal. The advantages of publishing online are many: a green footprint, fast publication, a flexible editing schedule, and more universal access. Print editions are  available on a subscription basis and by individual issue. Please contact for more information.