Dissertation: Sunny Carder

Cohort 2, published 2011


The Effects of Reading Comprehension Strategies on Achievement for English Learners (ELS)


This study offers conclusions and recommendations on increasing reading comprehension for ELs. Previous studies have focused on the use of certain instructional strategies, but few have investigated the effect of these strategies on EL reading achievement. This research adds to the body of knowledge that already exists on EL reading achievement by addressing the following problem: too few ELs are passing the reading comprehension portion of the Standardized Testing and Reporting (STAR) test in California. This study utilized a Likert scale survey to collect data from teachers and used a multiple regression analysis to identify significant findings. Specifically, the survey asked teachers to respond to the amount of knowledge/use and perceived effectiveness about the following instructional strategies: total physical response, interactive word wall, dual language or concept books, schema stories, student self-monitoring, KWL, and picture and sentence match. This study found two significant findings in the self-reported effectiveness of student self-monitoring and KWL. Recommendations and implications for educators, administration, and policy are shared, including suggestions for supporting all learners within a transformative organization. School leaders and teachers can seek professional development opportunities to strengthen the instructional practices for ELs in order to close the achievement gap.

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