Dissertations: Index by Author

Author Title Cohort
Abdulmalik, Hasan A Study of the Impact of a Summer School Intervention Program on Ninth Grade Transition to High School 1
Armstrong, Willie The Role of Skills and Study Behaviors in Students of Color Who Traditionally have Low Admissions Rates to University of California 1
Benitas, Anita Overcoming Program Improvement Status: A Strength Based Approach to School Improvement 1
Berner, Rebecca Jane Transfer Shock and the Experience of Community College Students Transitioning to California State University, Chico: An Exploratory Study 3
Bruckmann, Colleen What are the Effects of Allowing Self-Selection on Reading Motivation and Skills? 3
Burke, Clark An Initial Examination of the Relationship Between Academic Vocabulary Instruction and Assessment at the Fourth Grade Level 2
Camp, Daryl The Effects of State Intervention Funds on College/Career Readiness Outcomes for Large California High Schools 2
Carder, Sunny The Effects of Reading Comprehension Strategies on Achievement for English Learners (ELS) 2
Chesire, Tamara Christine Barriers and Bridges: American Indian Community College Student Resiliency and Success 3
Christensen, Michael Does Agreement Matter?: How Supervisor-Subordinate Influence Behavior Agreement/Disagreement Contributes to Supervisor Ratings of Subordinate Effectiveness 2
Diaz, Viridiana A Study of Latino Migrant and Seasonal Farmworker College Students: The Emergence of a Culturally Adaptive Navigation Model for Success 4
Diggs-Reynolds, Tera The Untold Stories of Truant Students: A Case Study Analysis of Their Experiences at the Attendance Resource Center 2
Galbraith, Carla A Phenomenological Study of Top Performing 12th Grade African-American High School Students 1
Godina- Martínez, Gema The Sustainability of Critical Xicana/Xicano Educators 1
Hashem-Aramouni, Eva The Impact of Diglossia on Arabic Language Instruction in Higher Education: Attitudes and Experiences of Students and Instructors on The U.S. 2
Hernandez, Gloria Parent Involvement: Perceptions of Parents and Teachers 2
Hoover, Shelly Austin Perceived Factors Impacting the Education of Latino High School Students 3
Jackson, Lundon Creshett Impact of Federal Student Aid on Completion Rates in the California Community College System 3
Keval, Fawzia Moral Imperative as a Strategy for Transformational Leadership and Sustainability: An Autobiography 3
Lawson, Jennifer Avid Participation for College Readiness and Success 2
Lawson-Thompson, Adrienne African American Female Faculty at a Northern California State University: Recruitment and Retention 1
Mason, Justin The Role of the Teacher in Advanced Placement (AP) Access 1
Newell, Mallory An Exploration of Civic Engagement of Community College Students 2
Nichols, Carolyn What Specific Actions and Leadership Qualities Does a School Leader Exhibit to Create and Foster a School Dedicated to the Development and Implementation of the Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate Program? 1
Patz, Christian The Black and White World of Emotional Disturbance 2
Punteney, Katherine Inspiring Students' Pursuit of International Careers 2
Rajagopal, Kadhir The Impact Of C.R.E.A.T.E. on Urban Student Success in Mathematics 1
Rosa, Milton A Mixed-methods Study to Understand the Perceptions of High School Leaders about ELL Students: The Case of Mathematics 1
Simon, Gabriel Building Resiliency: The Impact of School Protective Factors on Elementary Students' Language Arts Achievement 2
Siu, Jennifer Practices and Programmatic Features of an ADN Program that Produced Graduates from Diverse Backgrounds Who Passed The NCLEX-RN 2
Stevens, Francine Racial Identity, Religious Participation and Stereotype Threat: The Impact on Student Educational Outcomes 2
Strong-Rhoads, Kelly-Jean Transformational Classroom Leadership: Adding a New Piece of Fabric to the Educational Leadership Quilt 2
Timoteo, Rico The Impact of UC Davis's Early Academic Outreach Program on Degree Attainment 3
Topete, Hector The Relationship Between Peer Perceptions and Grades among Latino High School Students: Myth or Reality? 1
Walker, Marrio Inequitable Measures…the Impact of NCLB on California Schools Making Adequate Yearly Progress 1
Williams, Angelo Leadership Implications of Inreach: Qualitative Study of Retention Intervention for African American Community College Students 1
Zhou, Jian-zhong Leadership Achievement Gap of Asian/Pacific American Librarians 3