Preliminary Administrative Service (Internship)  

The Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Internship) program allows school districts to appoint persons to administrative positions before they have completed the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential program. The Internship shall be for at least one semester. The intern is supervised by both the University staff and the school district of employment, and candidates continue the course work at University as required for the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential. The Internship credential is usually issued for a two-year period; thus, the intern must complete the approved institutional program within a two-year period or the period authorized by the credential.

If you are interested in participating in the Preliminary Administrative Service Internship program, please contact the Lead Program Faculty below.

Lead Program Faculty

Dr. Sarah Graham
Phone: (916) 278-7394 | Office Eureka Hall 219 | Email:
Dr. Denver J. Fowler
Phone: (916) 278-4123 | Office: Eureka Hall 219 | Email: