Credential: Pupil Personnel Services School Psychology Intern Courses

Credential Requirements

The Pupil Personnel Services Credential, School Psychology Endorsement, requires the program outlined for the MA in Education (School Psychology), plus the following:

Units Course Title Old Code


EDS 242B

Cognitive Assessment Lab
(Corequisite: EDS 242A)



EDS 243

Assessment Practicum



EDS 439

Early Fieldwork in School Psychology
(Satisfactory completion of first year coursework)



EDS 441

Internship in School Psychology
(Approval as a candidate in the School Psychology program, completion of courses required for the School Psychology Internship credential, approval of advisor, and Department petition)


If students are to graduate under the provision of this catalog, they must maintain continuous enrollment from the date of classification to the date of graduation. Students who are planning to be absent for more than one semester must file a Leave of Absence request and have it approved prior to the absence.