Master of Arts

Master of Arts in Higher Education Leadership 

The Master of Arts in Higher Education Leadership program prepares students for leadership roles in institutions of higher education (in both 2 and 4 year institutes) through a well-rounded academic experience. This program promotes learning, equity, and achievement for all students in a pluralistic society, and seeks to prepare transformational leaders with the capacity to facilitate and manage change. 

The program is organized around four interrelated core themes that are central to the professional leadership and management of all educational organizations:

  • Visionary Leadership and Management
  • Policy into Practice
  • Data for Decision-Making
  • Building Community in a Diverse Society

Each of these themes is integrated across the curriculum and addressed with a combination of teaching and learning strategies, including service, learning, and cooperative learning. Additionally, the program considers important the growing diversity of higher education, and seeks to address the consequent need for leadership who can appropriately address an increasingly diverse student and staff population: 

Future college leaders need a multicultural perspective of leadership that includes a sensitivity to diverse sense-making and decision-making strategies, an understanding of organizations and programs as cultures with symbolic dimensions (Gibson-Benninger, Ratcliff, & Rhoads, 1996) and a balance between theory and practice that includes concept application, reflection, and an understanding of the future by way of the past (Hankin, 1996), (Brown, Martinez, & Daniel, 2002, p.45).

Life and work experience enhance students’ learning and professional growth in the field. The program invites individuals with some life and work experience and a passion for serving students in the higher education setting who are seeking to advance their career aspirations toward serving in leadership roles to apply.

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Dr. Geni Cowan

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