Master of Arts

Internet Master's in Educational Technology (iMET)

The Internet Based Master’s Degree in Educational Technology (iMET) Program is a Master of Arts Degree in Educational Technology offered by the College of Education at California State University, Sacramento.

The iMET Program is a cohort program, meaning that all students take all coursework together. The heart of the iMET program is its reliance upon building a strong cohort community. The program begins with a mandatory 3 day orientation. At this orientation students are introduced to the online technologies used in the program, get to know each other, and explore effective online and face to face communication skills.

Career Options

This Master’s Degree encompasses a wide variety of academic, technical and practical learning experiences. The desired program outcomes for iMET students are that graduates emerge as competent technology teachers, presenters, strategists and leaders, capable of providing leadership in the planning, development, and implementation of technology learning experiences in a wide variety of professional settings.

While many iMet students are K-12 educators, the iMet community also includes K-12 administrators, community college instructors and a variety of other public and private sector professionals. More than 200 graduates from 12 iMET cohorts have completed the iMET Program.

Program Requirements

Units required for Master: 30

Program Resources

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Additional Information

iMET Class Schedule: iMET is a combination face to face/online MA program. iMET students meet 25% face to face and 75% online. After an initial four day orientation retreat, iMET students meet 2-3 times per semester in combination Friday/Saturday sessions. All other course work is accomplished online using a variety of online learning environments. Other than the orientation retreat, iMET never meets in face to face sessions during the work week, making it ideal for the 9-5 working professional.

The iMET Curriculum: iMET cohort members, working both in teams and as individuals, learn how to combine technology tools with effective strategies as they design technology integrated curriculum and professional development experiences. Instruction is centered on the learner and on what is required of educators in today’s technologically rich learning environments.

A 2 year (4 semesters) Program: iMET is a rigorous 2 year program that requires you to push yourself to remain open to new ideas; critically analyze content and emerging technologies; and become aware of, master and adapt technologies suited to your needs.

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