Student Masters Theses by Semester/Year

Below is a listing of masters thesis topics by past students in the Gender Equity Studies program. When possible, an abstract of the thesis is included. The theses are organized by semester/year in which the thesis was accepted.


Student Name Thesis
Atienza, Miriam Celeste Latayan

Pinay, Where Art Thou? An Examination of Filipina Americans in Children's Literature

Lem, Tiffany Crystal

See Jane Run, or Maybe Not: An Examination of Gender in Teacher Preferred Read Aloud Books

Mehta, Nicole Marie

Gender Equity Inside First Year Experience Programs

Patane, Christina A.

Factoring Girls into the Equation: A Study of 12th Grade Students' Interest in Mathematics and Math-Related Careers


Student Name Thesis
Anderson, Kelley L.M.

Cyber-Bullying: The New Kid on the Block

Falkenstein, Alena

Of Mice and Women: An Analysis of Gender Inclusion in High School Literature Offerings

Lewis, Cindy J.

I Need to See You to be You: Examining the Relevance of Role Modeling on Female STEM Career Choice

Raines, Katherine

If the Shoe Fits: The Power of the Gender-Biased Narrative in the Preschool Classroom

Worthey, Tara M.

History Without Her Story: An Examination of Eleventh Grade United States History Materials Used in California Classrooms


Student Name Thesis
Boyd, Patricia Bridging the Communication Gap: Educating, Informing, and Understanding the Deaf Community
Oliviera, Ashley Too Smart for Education? Assessing Educator’s Gender Equity Training and Awareness in Higher Education
Pella, Riana Controversial Conversations: An Examination of Single Sex and Coeducational Students’ Perspectives on Sexism, Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault
Robertson, Melissa Who’s is Talking? An Observational Study of Gender Communication Patterns in a Cooperative Learning Classroom
Souza, Jennifer “Well-behaved women seldom make history” – Laurel Ulrich: An analysis of women in western civilization courses
Zarka, Elaina Does Interactive Instruction Really Make a Difference: An Evaluation of Gender Equitable Science Instruction in an After-School Program


Student Name Thesis
Brumfield, Shanell Latrice Navigating Through Academia: An Examination of the Effects of Race, Cass, and Gender on the Academic Achievement of African American Female Students
Cornish, Denise Mourning Women, Headless Monsters, and Passive Goddesses: Examining the Inclusion of Females in University Art Curriculum
Gray, Carrie Slavic Immigrant Women: Cultural and Educational Assimilation Issues
Munsee, Ann Providing Reductions in Gender Bullying in K-3 Using The Second Step: A Violence Prevention Curriculum
Trotter-Hamilton, Rose Kathleen A Survey of Why Women Choose Non-Traditional Careers in Northern California


Student Name Thesis Abstract Title
Bonnel, Donna An Examination of National Reentry Programs for Women: A Toolkit for Success
Bowen, Carmen Teachers’ perceptions on teaching algebra 1: A study of 8th graders math success
Cvjetkovic, Mirjana The Struggles of Serbian Immigrant Women
Dorantes, Daniel Edwin A Study of College Undergraduate Students' Perceived Psychological Stress in Relation to Gender and Gender Sereotype Awareness
Geraty, Martha BODY: Beyond Obesity, Direction Youth Latina 10-15 Years Old
Gerould, Kimberly A multiage math handbook
Islip, Elizabeth Why do students fail algebra?
Ram, Linda The underrepresentation of African American women in mathematics and science education
Rodriguez, Jacqueline An Examination of Motivating Factors that Influence Women Offenders to Participate/Complete Educational and Vocational Programs in California Prisons


Student Name Thesis
Boyd, Nona The Effect of In-Service Training on Teacher Perceptions on Gender Equity Issues in the Classroom
Brashear, Nicole A Survey of High School Health Students’ Views on the Sex Education Portion of the Health Curriculum 
Bryden, Melissa Narrative In The Mathematics Classroom: The Effect On Girls’ Mathematics Interest And Career Interest
Daniels, Jennifer The Dimensions Of The Myth Of The Disney Male Role Model
Dexter, Donna Master Of Arts In Education Gender Equity Studies: Analysis Of Career And Social Relevance In Graduate’s Lives
Durbin, Carole Cross-age tutoring: The attitudinal impact on third grade tutoring program
Ferguson, Susan Everyone Loses: An Examination Of College-Educated Women And Their Career Choices After Having Children
Hildebrand, Nell “You can’t judge a book by its cover” investigating student interest and attitudes towards reading
Lyons, Renee Aliens, Beggars and a Queen: Messages and Images of Chicanas and Latinas in History-Social Science Textbook
Maytanes, Tyson How to motivate the unmotivated: a study of a math intervention class focusing on motivating high risk students
Monroe, Darlene A Study of the Impact of Gender Inclusion in College Level Geography Education
Montbriand, Phillip An Honors Biochemisty Curriculum: Bridging The Gender Gap In The Sciences For Females


Student Name Thesis
Caplan, Micah Open enrollment: An analysis of all-girl support groups on the self-esteem of African American girls
Drown, Megan An Examination of the Social Constructs and Gender Dynamics Which Impact School Administrative Careers
Flanigan, Patrick Project-based instruction: closing the achievement Gap
Fox, Katherine Lost in Transition: An Analysis of All-Girl Support Groups on Self-Esteem of Girls of Color
Gray, Carrie Slavic Immigrant Women: Cultural and Educational Assimilation Issues
Hinojosa, Alicia Characteristics of Degree-Holding Chicana
Johnson Shepherd, Amanda Gender Equity in Professional Development for Teachers
Knight, Jessica An Examination of Gender Differences in Building Classroom Community


Student Name Thesis
Lamflam, Jennifer Gender equity in teaching practices in ninth and tenth grade english classes that are part of an instructional pilot
Henshaw, MaryKate A survey of primary teachers' attitude and experiences with gender in the American classroom
Murdoch, Angela A study of college female and male seniors' awareness of gender equity in the workplace
Quinn, Colleen Spousal social support as a construct influencing the retention and graduation of married women seeking a higher education
Stauffer, Jamie Latter-Day Saint Women in Higher Education: The Influences of Theology on Education Choice
Scharnberg, Shannon Gender equity in the american history canon-a meta-analysis of 11th grade United States history textbooks


Student Name Thesis
Harris, Sara The Effects of Gender Role Stereotyping on High School Band Students' Musical Instrument Preferences
Herrick, Wendy Lost in the Middle: An Examination of the Effects of an All-Girls Support Group on the Self-Esteem of Middle School Girls
Hessami, Nessa Self Concept and Adolescent Girls: The Effects of Media Literacy Training on Middle School Learners
Nahal, Sarbjit Punjabi Sikh Women and Education
Skiens, Tamara Narrowing the gender digital divide via computer-based enhancements to community college English writing classes
Slater, Molly Women and recidivism: Does receiving a college education while incarcerated reduce the number of women who recidivate?
Strobel, T. E. Gender Differences in Choice of College Major and Future Careers: The Influences of Parents, Teachers, and Peers


Student Name Thesis
Anderson, Meghan Barbara An Examination of Social Constructs Influencing Middle School Girls' Participation in Athletics
Cameron, Melissa M. The positive effects of women's literature and women's history on the self-esteem of high school girls
Johnston, Carol Elaine A Comparison of Cooperative Education and Traditional Instrumental Models in Career Technical Health Care Programs Geared Toward Women
Slayter, Alexis M. Women and Recidivism: Does Receiving a College Education While Incarcerated Reduce the Number of Women Who Recidivate?


Student Name Thesis
Phillips, Francelle Women Artist's Perceptions of Their Career Obstacles


Student Name Thesis
Borders, Martha J. Evaded curriculum: The relationship between adolescent identity, possible selves, and battered women
Davenport, Carly Sunshine Opening Minds or Closing Doors: Gender Ideology in College Introductory Media Production Textbooks
Hayes, Kathryn Implications of a Systems Approach to Education
Sinor, Katherine R A Fitness and Nutrition Guide for Teenage Girls


Student Name Thesis
Alain-Batten Cook, Joanne Music to a Female Mathematical Ear; the Relationship Between Music Training and High School Mathematics Achievement
Higgins, Jessica R. Sexual assault and women's higher education: Women robbed of their future
Shaw, Angela Leslie A Curriculum Guide for Discussing Neonaticide


Student Name Thesis
Burke, Erin Marie Variations in Adolescent Female's Loss of Psychological Voice Based on Their Ethnicity
Larson, Elena C. Multi-source assessment: Avoiding gender bias in performance evaluations at the California State University, Sacramento
Priser, Rachel L. Empower me: A workbook for preteen girls and those seeking to encourage them
Wiggington, Laura Newton Action Research of Gender Bias in Children's Literature Focus on Grades Kindergarten Through Three


Student Name Thesis
Byler, Natalie Angelene

Shoemaker, Edna Anne
Guns and Dolls: A Look at the Effects of a Gender Equitable Curriculum
Frechin, Diane J. Teaching is women's work: The role of gender studies in teacher preparation
Gerak, Dawn Will I be a Player? A Sports Resource Guide for Girls and Women
Yuki, Sami K. A case study of early intervention reading instruction with Hmong and Spanish speaking second graders


Student Name Thesis
Rivera, Victor P. The Problems of California Textbooks on Mexican History
Williams, David Allen Racism and Its Impact on African American Male Academic Achievement in Public Schools