Master of Science

Vocational Rehabilitation

The mission of the program is that every adult person with disabilities should have opportunity to independently function in our society. To this end, the program curriculum is structured to include those didactic and experiential activities which will prepare the graduate to function in a professional manner providing services to enhance maximum daily living, including employment, which is commensurate with the person's abilities and interests.

The Master of Science in Counseling (Vocational Rehabilitation) offers students the opportunity to gain several specialized skills for working with persons with disabilities. This program is accredited by the Council on Rehabilitation Education. Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors work in a wide variety of settings including community agencies, private agencies, enabling centers on college campuses, and state agencies. Their general function is to assist persons with disabilities to overcome deterrents to vocational success by means of counseling, training, and placement in suitable occupational areas.

The program includes training in counseling techniques; the use of medical, psychological, and occupational information; and the impact of disabilities on human behavior. In addition, the skills involved in finding and intake, vocational evaluation, restoration, training, job placement, and follow-up are taught. Independent living, assistive technology and disability rights are topic areas emphasized in the program.

Strengths of the program include outstanding field placements, the availability of specialized training in working with specific populations of persons with disabilities such as the hearing challenged, and individualized programs of study designed to meet the unique capabilities of each student. The faculty, through their extensive experience in the field at local, state, and national levels, and through their relationship with vocational rehabilitation counselors in the field, provide students with a program that will meet their future needs as vocational rehabilitation counselors.

Career Options

  • Community agencies
  • Private agencies
  • Enabling centers on college campuses
  • State agencies

Program Requirements

Units required for Master: 60

Program Resources

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Learning Outcomes

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