Bachelor of Arts: Integrated Pre-Credential Subject Matter Program


Child Development Integrated Pre-credential Subject Matter Program combines state-approved courses in the subject matter areas with the coursework of the Child Development academic major. This concentration is most appropriate for students who intend to pursue an elementary school (multiple subjects) teaching credential. Students who follow this option obtain an academic major in child development and also take subject matter coursework in six categories: Language and Literature; Mathematics; Natural and Physical Sciences; Social Sciences and Humanities; the Arts; and Physical Education. The coursework is aligned with the subject matter frameworks on which the CSET subject matter examinations are based. It is essential that students considering this concentration seek early and frequent advising within the major because the general university requirements are built into the required coursework. Students do not follow the general education pattern outlined in the catalog.

Career Options

Child Development students pursue careers in elementary school teaching; preschool teaching and administration; child-care and after-school employment; parent education; community college teaching; or work with a variety of counseling, social service and community agencies. The undergraduate major also prepares students for graduate studies in child development, elementary or special education, human development, social work or counseling.


Units required for Major: 49-50
Minimum total units required for BA: 120
Refer to the catalog for detailed admission and academic requirements.

Course Listing

Review the courses required to complete the degree.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Develop discipline-based written communication skills
  2. Analyze and critique written materials related to child development
  3. Participate in field based experiences mediated by using theory, concepts, and research
  4. Understand major milestones of development from infancy to adulthood
  5. Develop and maintain positive attitudes towards diversity and its manifestations in children and families

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