Undergraduate Studies: Child Development

Program Overview

Child Development is the study of the physical, socio-emotional, and cognitive growth and development of the child from conception through adolescence. The purposes of this major are to provide a sound academic program in Child Development and prepare students to work with children and families in a variety of school and community settings.

Students working toward the Bachelor of Arts degree may select one of five concentrations: Early Development, Care and Education (EDCE), Individualized Concentration, Elementary Pre-Credential, Social and Community Settings, and Integrated Pre-Credential Subject Matter Program.

In collaboration with the College of Continuing Education, a mixed-media hybrid distance education version of the EDCE program is also offered. The coursework consists of 41-51 course units to meet EDCE requirements and 9 units of upper division coursework to meet the CSU general education and writing requirements.

Program Resources

Career Options

Child Development students pursue careers in elementary school teaching; preschool teaching and administration; child-care and after-school employment; parent education; community college teaching; or work with a variety of counseling, social service and community agencies. The undergraduate major also prepares students for graduate studies in child development, elementary or special education, human development, social work or counseling. Possible careers include:

Child Care Teacher
Child Care Worker
Child Development Specialist
Director (Facility Owner, Community Activity, Youth Services)
Education Administrators
Instructional Coordinators
Teacher (Preschool, K-12, Private)
Teacher Assistant
Special Education Teacher (Preschool, K-12, Private)

Admission Requirements

Courses Offered

Please review the program description and course listings in the Course Catalog. (follow the Bachelor of Arts link)

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Arts: Concentrations in Child Development

Bachelor of Arts: EDCE Program Offered through the College of Continuing Education


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