Victoria Carr

Victoria Carr

Master's: Multicultural Education, Spring 2012

Victoria completed a Master's Degree in the College's Multicultural Education program. The Multicultural Education graduate program explores theoretical and pedagogical issues of bilingualism, multiculturalism, educational equity, and social justice, offering courses and experiences to assist educators to work successfully in classrooms, schools, and educational agencies within our diverse State.

Thesis: Africa American Males: Historical Struggles of African Americans in Education and the Utilization of a Culturally Responsive Pedagogy to Close the Achievement Gap.

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Institution:  B.A Liberal Studies. California State University, Sacramento.

Academic Experience

Why did you choose the College of Education for your degree/credential program?

I love culture. I wanted to learn new and exciting ways to engage my students. I also wanted to learn how to reach and meet the needs of all of the students I teach.

How has your degree/credential impacted your professional and personal life?

I feel the way I look at education now, is a little different. I always knew that not all students were getting what they needed from our current education system, but I feel like I was able to see even deeper into the problem. I went in wanting to further my education in order to become Superintendent one day. After completing the program, I feel even more motivated to continue my education & continue to move into leadership roles in the district in order to bring the change that is needed for our children.

Current Professional Position

Position Title: Life Science Teacher

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