Josefina Geronimo-Uribe

Alumnus Josefina Geronimo

Master's: Multicultural Education, Fall 2011

Josefina completed a Master's Degree in the College's Multicultural Education program. The Multicultural Education graduate program explores theoretical and pedagogical issues of bilingualism, multiculturalism, educational equity, and social justice, offering courses and experiences to assist educators to work successfully in classrooms, schools, and educational agencies within our diverse State.

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Institution: B.A: Spanish. California State University, Sacramento. 

Academic Experience

Why did you choose the College of Education for your degree/credential program?

I wanted to continue to grow within the field of multicultural education. When I completed my BA in Spanish I also received a minor in multicultural education and fell in love with it. I think every educator needs to be prepared to face the immense diversity found in today's modern classroom.

How has your degree/credential impacted your professional and personal life?

I have enhanced my lessons with multicultural richness that challenges my students to think critically. I have converted my degree into a lifestyle in and outside the classroom I teach in.

Current Professional Position

Position: High School Spanish Teacher in the Bay Area

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