Jennifer Osalbo

Alumnus Jennifer Osalbo

Master's: Multicultural Education, Fall 2011

Jennifer Osalbo completed a Master's Degree in the College's Multicultural Education program. The Multicultural Education graduate program explores theoretical and pedagogical issues of bilingualism, multiculturalism, educational equity, and social justice, offering courses and experiences to assist educators to work successfully in classrooms, schools, and educational agencies within our diverse State.

Thesis:Filipino American Identity Development and Its Relation to Heritage Language Loss

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Institution: B.A. Human Development.University of California, Davis.

Academic Experience

Why did you choose the College of Education for your degree/credential program?

I wanted to get my masters in education and preferred the BMED program to the MA in Child Development. I thought the BMED program would make me more versatile.
I liked the cohort program style, staying with the same group of women (no men were in my cohort) for most of our classes. I also appreciated being able to take graduate level electives; I took classes in Gender Equity Studies, Child Development, and Teacher Education.

How has your degree/credential impacted your professional and personal life?

Going through the BMED program has prepared me for the continuing rigors of graduate school. Our readings and assignments have given me the background knowledge and awareness of current issues in education. I understand how supportive fellow classmates can be and value their presence, knowledge, and experience. I have kept in touch with some members of my cohort and know that I have made lifelong friendships.

Current Professional Position

Position:Resource Teacher

Institution:Child Development Department in Sacramento City Unified School District

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