Lisa Vargas

Alumnus Lisa Vargas

Master's: Multicultural Education, Fall 2011

Lisa Vargas completed a Master's Degree in the College's Multicultural Education program. The Multicultural Education graduate program explores theoretical and pedagogical issues of bilingualism, multiculturalism, educational equity, and social justice, offering courses and experiences to assist educators to work successfully in classrooms, schools, and educational agencies within our diverse State.

Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Institution: B.A: Ethnic Studies. California State University, Sacramento.

Academic Experience

Why did you choose the College of Education for your degree/credential program?

I applied for the MA in multicultural education in order to further my education to serve my community, but felt I lacked an understanding of exactly how to best serve folks. In today's educational system, there is a lack of understanding among educators regarding the importance of recognizing all students' culture and the personal knowledge they bring to the table.

How has your degree/credential impacted your professional and personal life?

After seeking a MA in Multicultural Education, I applied for a dual teaching credential program (Multiple Subjects and Special Education-M/M) and another MA concentration in Special Education. My educational goals at Sac State were nurtured by my professors such as Dr. Julie Figueroa, Dr. Nadeen Ruiz, Dr. Margarita Berta-Avila Dr. Lisa William-White who enlightened me to the disparities our students in a Kindergarten through 12th grade setting are up against. How the educational system is set up to have our students fail rather than succeed, which can impact their pursuit (or lack there) of higher education.

Current Professional Position

Position: Teacher

Institution: Robla School District at Taylor Street Elementary

Describe your current position:

Currently, I am serving in a teaching position with the Robla School District at Taylor Street Elementary. I have the wonderful opportunity to teach in a Special Day Class for 4th, 5th 6th graders with multiple abilities and special needs.

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