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Summer Classes: 4th and 5th Grade Students

ATS' 4/5 Program allows students to explore interesting topics with interactive, hands-on classes designed to encourage critical thinking and creativity. Classes are offered in one-week sessions for a total of 12.5 hours for the week.

Getting Involved

To participate in ATS, students should:

  1. Be a current 4th or 5th grader (as of January 1)
  2. Take the Qualifying Exam: Intermediate Level
  3. Review the course descriptions and Master Schedule of Classes in the summer catalog
  4. Submit a complete application by the deadline

2017 Session Dates

Session Dates
Session 1 June 19 to June 23
Session 2 June 26 to June 30
Session 3 July 10 to July 14
Session 4 July 17 to July 21
Session 5 July 24 to July 28

2017 Classes

Classes planned include:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Acting: All the World's a Stage
  • Animation: Digital Creations with Scratch
  • Art in Nature
  • Beginning Drawing: Cartoons & Comic Strips
  • Chemistry: Everyday Phenomena
  • Eat or Be Eaten: The Ecology of Plants
  • Circles: 360 Degrees of Fun & Exploration!
  • Creative Computing: Learning to Code by Design with Scratch
  • Creative Writing: 7 Secrets to Success & Storytelling
  • Engineering & Architectural Design
  • Exploring Geometry: Creating Art through Transformations, Constructions, Tesselations & More!
  • Fun with Algebra!
  • Greek Mythology in the Ancient & Modern World
  • Introduction to Genetics
  • Introduction to Japanese: Konnichiwa
  • LEGO Robotics: Building & Programming
  • Math Games
  • Math in Motion
  • Messy Science: Explosions & Reactions
  • Plant Detectives: Morphology & Ecology
  • Secret Science: What's Inside
  • Short Story: Create Your Own Adventure
  • The Science of Sound
  • The Solar System: Math & Myths
  • The Write Stuff: Exploring Fantasy, Mythology & Fiction
  • World of Engineering
  • Writing the Wild: Beasts, Mountains & Adventures

Cost Overview

ATS is a nonprofit, self-supporting program which receives no federal, state, or University funding. Course fees are $335 per class. Financial aid is available.


ATS provides supervision during class time only. ATS staff do not escort students to and from class.Parents will be required to sign a Policy Agreement form to indicate their choice between 1) an authorized adult signing their student in and out of class each day, or 2) allowing their student to leave class without adult accompaniment and verifying the student is mature enough to be on campus independently without supervision. More information will be included in students' admission packets.

How to Apply

To apply for admission to the 4/5 Program, students should complete the ATS Application 4/5 and submit it with the appropriate application fee, a copy of their "intermediate level" test scores, and a copy of a recent report card from this school year. Applications will not be processed until all required information is submitted to ATS.Incomplete applications will be returned and may be subject to additional fees and delayed admission. To ensure the best chance of being placed into classes, submit a complete application by the deadline. 

Complete Applications

To be considered complete, an application must include the following:

  • ATS Application 4/5 (from the Summer Catalog)
    Fill out both sides and be sure to verify the correct course code has been provided for each class listed in the Class Selection portion of the application.

  • Application Fee
    A nonrefundable application fee is required with each application submitted. This is a processing fee and is not deductible from course fees.

  • Test Scores
    Appropriate scores from the ATS Qualifying Exam: Intermediate Level.

  • Report Card
    A copy of a report card for the current academic year is required. This information is used to verify grade level and to aid instructors in creating curriculum for their courses.