Individual, Couple, and Family Counseling Services

The Center for Counseling and Diagnostic Services, located on the California State University, Sacramento campus, welcomes all members of the Sacramento Area community for individual, couple and family counseling. We encourage you to use our services whatever your age, ethnicity, cultural background, sexual orientation, marital status or family situation. Single-parent and blended families, "traditional" and "non-traditional" families, married couples, domestic partners and individuals of any background and life situation are welcome.

Individual Counseling

For persons who want assistance and skills in dealing with personal changes, emotional and social crises, and other personal issues such as divorce/separation, depression, anger, stress and addictions.

Couple Counseling

Whether you are married, "coupled," or domestic partners, this is for those seeking to strengthen and improve their relationships or to work on unsatisfactory relationship issues.

Family Counseling

This is for any group who desires assistance in understanding roles, interactions, patterns of behavior, dealing with pressures and problems, school difficulties and with members who are making major life changes.

Counseling for Children

Counseling can be provided either with other family members or individually to help children understand and deal with problems of their own or problems relating to family or school.