How To Find Us

On the first day of your session, plan to arrive at the CSUS campus 20 or 30 minutes early-you'll want to give yourself plenty of time to park and leisurely find the Center. If anyone you are bringing is disabled, feel free to pull your car up to Eureka Hall and drop the person off before you park. Please note that Handicapped Parking spaces on campus require a special permit and a regular disabled placard will not be honored.

We will have made every effort to have a parking permit waiting for you at the J Street entrance to the campus. In the event a permit does not get there in time, we suggest bringing $5.00 in cash with you in case you must park in a lot until we can get a permit.


The Center for Counseling and Diagnostic Services is located in the middle of the campus:

Eureka Hall, 4th Floor, Room 421.

Please see the University's driving directions and campus map information to assist you in finding our office.