College Committee - Dean's Advisory Council

Committee Structure
21 members: 9 voting members & 12 non-voting members


  • Dean's Advisory Council: Monitors implementation of STRATIGIC PLAN, conducts final review of committee actions, provides official communication to university committees, promotes cross-department & cross committee communication flow, generates and adopts policies related to curriculum, resources, etc., review of Dean and AD per university policy (Committee reps, Branch Chair, Branch Reps, Dean/AD, staff reps, ASI Dir.)

Meeting Schedule
Fourth Thursday, 1:15 pm - 2:45 pm, Eureka 223

Committee Members

Name Contact Represents Voting
Alexander Sidorkin Dean or Designee Y
Pia Wong Associate Dean -
Karen Davis O'Hara Associate Dean Y
Julian Heilig EDD Director Y
Stephanie Biagetti Chair, Credentials Y
Elisabeth Liles Chair, Graduate Y
Sherri Hembree Chair, Undergraduate Y
Adele Arellano Credentials Y
Lisa Romero Graduate Y
Sherrie Carinci Undergraduate Y
Kim Ross Staff Y
Amber Gonzalez Undergraduate (alternate) -
Eun Mi Cho Credentials (alternate) -
Jose Chavez Graduate (alternate) - ASI -
Elisabeth Liles CATTE -
Katy Romo Budget Analyst -
Melissa Holland CRRC -
Vacant ERI -
Aaminah Norris TAC -
Vacant SPAR -
Vacant SSOAR -
Jenna Porter/
Dale Allender
Amber Gonzalez Faculty Senate -
Donna Wehner Support, Dean's Office -

* = Chair / Co-Chair

College of Education
Phone: (916) 278-6639 | Office: Eureka Hall 401