Lisalee Egbert

Contact Information and Office Hours

Lisalee Egbert Contact Information Office Hours
Assistant Professor
Eureka Hall 310
(916) 993-3305 (Video Phone)

Fall 2015

Wednesday: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm

*Emails are always welcome
Skype Username: DrDeafStudiesCSUS
Name: Dr. Lisalee Egbert

Areas Research/Scholarly Activity

Specialty Areas: American Sign Language, Deaf Education, Deaf Culture, Bilingual-Bicultural Education, English as a Second Language, Literacy in young Deaf readers, Literacy through Bilingualism and Multilingualism both in terms of Deaf and hearing lens.

Research: There continues to be a gap or lacuna in the research between Literacy, Deaf Education, Interpreting, and Bilingual Reading Education that I wish to explore more deeply. Interfacing and/or combining the theories, philosophies, and ideologies of research might help to enhance and facilitate literacy for diverse, mainstream, and mono/bi/multilingual children. My research goals also include a focus on bilingual/multilingual language development in natural and home contexts. My goals include effective research practices focusing on empowering and encouraging all people who work with persons who are Deaf in order to mentor successful young readers and writers in terms of appropriate cognitive development. Triangulating and homogenizing seeming diverse fields of research in order to provide insights into the Deaf world and thus, adding to the development and understanding of the beautiful and complex world of Deafhood.

Courses Taught

DEAF 52 - American Sign Language 2
DEAF 60 - Introduction to Deaf Studies
DEAF 165 - Seminar: Current Issues in the Deaf World


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