Melissa Holland

Contact Information and Office Hours

Melissa Holland Contact Information Office Hours
Associate Professor
Brighton Hall 227
(916) 801-4624
Spring 2016
Thursday: 9:15 am - 12:15 pm

Quote of Personal Interest

"Things are neither good nor bad but thinking makes it so." - William Shakespeare

Areas of Research/Scholarly Activity

Melissa L. Holland, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of School Psychology at the California State University, Sacramento (CSUS) and has a private practice specializing in work with children, adolescents, and their families. She is both a licensed clinical psychologist and a certified school psychologist. Dr. Holland teaches assessment and therapy courses at CSUS and is the Fieldwork and Internship Coordinator for the program. She has researched and coauthored numerous publications focusing on the emotional health of children. Dr. Holland also presents workshops at regional and national conferences on the topic of children’s mental health and acts as a consultant in schools on the topic of social emotional learning and the use of mindfulness, cognitive, and behavioral strategies with students.

Courses Taught

EDS 231 - Group Process in School Psychology
EDS 239 - Education Specialist Seminar
EDS 243 - Assessment Practicum
EDS 241 - Counseling and Psychotherapy for School Psychologists
EDS 249 - Special Seminar: School Psychology
EDS 440 - Practicum in Individual Counseling/School Psychology

Educational Degrees

BA: University of California, Davis
MA: Utah State University
PhD: Utah State University

Select Publications

  • Holland, M. L., Malmberg, J. & Gimpel, G. (2016, projected). Emotional and behavioral problems of young children: Effective interventions in the preschool and kindergarten years, 2nd Edition. New York: Guilford Publications, Inc.. Manuscript in preparation.
  • Holland, M. L., Sisson, H., & Abeles, V. (2015). Academic demands, homework, and social–emotional health. NASP Communique, 45(5), p.10. 
  • Holland, M. L. (2012). Identifying psychopathological crisis reactions. In S. J. Jimerson & S. E. Brock (Eds.), Best practices in school crisis prevention and intervention, 2nd edition. Bethesda, MD: NASP Publications.
  • Gimpel, G. A., & Holland, M. L. (2003). Emotional and behavioral problems of young children: Effective interventions in the preschool and kindergarten years. New York: Guilford. Publications, Inc..
  • Holland, M. L., Gimpel, G. A., Merrell, K. W. (2001). The ADHD Symptoms Rating Scale (ADHD-SRS). Lutz, Florida: PAR, Inc.
  • Holland, M. L., Gimpel, G. A., & Merrell, K. W. (1998). Innovations in assessing ADHD: Development, psychometric properties, and factor structure of the ADHD symptoms ratingscale (ADHD-SRS). Journal of Psychopathology and Behavioral Assessment, 20 (4), 307-332.
  • Holland, M. L., & Merrell, K. W. (1998). Social-emotional characteristics of preschool-age children referred for child find screening and assessment: A comparative study. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 19(2), 167-179.
  • Merrell, K. W., & Holland, M. L. (1997). Social-emotional behavior of preschool-age children with and without developmental delays. Research in Developmental Disabilities, 18(6), 393-405.


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