Susan Wycoff

Contact Information and Office Hours

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Eureka Hall 409
Office: (916) 278-5533

Spring 2016

Monday: 9:45 am - 12:45 pm

Joined Faculty: January 1997

Quote of Personal Interest

You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, 'I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along'...You must do the thing you think you cannot do.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Areas of Research/Scholarly Activity

Psychosocial Resiliency
Global Health Psychology
Influence of Trauma on Brain Development

Courses Taught

Teaching Modalities:

  • Traditional Classroom Instruction
  • Community Service Learning
  • Televised Distance Learning Instruction
  • Online Instruction
  • EDUC 155 - Introduction to Counseling
  • EDUC 157 - Child & Family Psychopathology
  • EDC 203 - Advanced Seminar in Multicultural Counseling
  • EDC 210 - Multicultural Counseling
  • EDC 212 - Gender Roles & Human Sexuality
  • EDC 214 - Dynamics of Human Behavior
  • EDC 219 - Group Process in Counseling
  • EDC 231 - Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
  • EDC 233 - Substance Abuse and the Family
  • EDC 244 - Crisis & Trauma Counseling
  • EDC 250 - Education Research
  • EDC 254 - Counseling & Psychotropic Medicine
  • EDC 260 - Introduction to Career Counseling
  • EDC 296R - Counseling the Older Adult
  • EDC 475 - Practicum in Counseling
  • EDC 480 - Field Study in Counseling
  • EDC 290 - Culminating Experience
  • EDC 505 - Culminating Experience/Seminar Preparation of Master’s Thesis/Project
  • EDC 550/551 - Culminating Experience/Master’s Thesis-Project

Educational Degrees

National Certified Counselor (Active)
National Board of Certified Counselors

Doctoral Major: Counselor Education
Minor: Family Policy Studies
University of New Mexico. Albuquerque, NM, CACREP Accredited

Counselor Education
California State University, Sacramento
CACREP Accredited

Major: Child Development
California State University, Sacramento

Professional Awards or Commendations

  • eAcademy Pedagogical & Curriculum Development. CSUS Office of the Provost.
  • Trauma counselor, Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity, Northern India.
  • Visiting Scholar. Allahabad University, India. Research: “HIV/AIDS: Mother-to-Child & Related Secondary Transmission and Prevention.”
  • California Wellness Foundation, Serna Center Scholar-in-Residence.
  • Serna Center for Research: Scholar-in-Residence.

Select Publications

  • Dickson, S., & Wycoff, S. (2013). Psychology of Trauma (Book Editors: Thijs Van Leeuwen and Marieke Brouwer). Chapter IV, pp. 89-110. Interventions To Treat Families Who Have Experienced Historical Trauma. Hauppauge, NY: Nova Science Publishers.
  • Wycoff, S., Tinagon, R., & Dickson, S. (2011). Therapeutic Practice with Cambodian Refugee Families: Trauma, Adaptation, Resiliency and Wellness. The Family Journal: Counseling & Therapy for Couples & Families.doi: 10.1177/1066480710397131
  • Wycoff, S.M. (2006). An Examination of Leading Health-Related Issues & Disparities Among Latinos in the Sacramento Region: A Quality-of-Life Analysis. Research sponsored by The California Wellness Foundation.
  • Wycoff, S.M. (2005). HIV/AIDS Prevention for MSM Latino Men: A Campus-Community Collaborative Intervention. Serna Center. “Latino HIV/AIDS Panel” California-Mexico Health Bi-National Health Week Symposium Sponsored by Mexico’s Secretariat of Health, Secretariat of Foreign Affairs, Mexican Institute for Social Security, the Mexican Consulates in California, and California’s Department of Health Services.
  • Wycoff, S.M. (2004). The Pragmatics of Research: Developing Your Literature Review. In G. Cowan (2nd Ed.), Understanding and Conducting Research in Education: A User-Friendly Approach (pp. 9-16). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt Publications.
  • Wycoff, S.M., & Cameron, S.C. (2003). Helping Families Work Well with Welfare Reform: From Theory to Practice. The Family Journal: Counseling & Therapy for Couples & Families, 11,148-152.
  • Cameron, S.C., & Wycoff, S.M. (2002). ‘Race’ a False Distinction. ABC In Only 0.012 Percent Difference: We’re All the Same. By L. Dye. Dye Hard Science, Special to ABC News [On-line].
  • Wycoff, S.M., Bacod-Gebhardt, M., Cameron, S.C., Brandt, M., & Armes, B. (2002). Have Families Fared Well From Welfare Reform? Educating Clinicians about Policy, Paradox, and Change. The Family Journal: Counseling & Therapy for Couples & Families, 8, 269-280.
  • Wycoff, S.M. (2001). Federal Migrant Education Advisors Program: Student Curriculum. Butte & Sonoma Counties, CA: Region II Federal Office of Migrant Education.
  • Cameron, S.C., & Wycoff, S.M. (2001). The Destructive Nature of the Term Race: Growing Beyond A False Paradigm. In D. Campbell, Choosing Democracy: A Practical Guide To Multicultural Education. New York, NY: Merrill/Prentice Hall Publications.
  • Wycoff, S.M., & Cameron, S.C. (2000). The Garcia Family: Using A Structural Systems Approach with an Alcohol Dependent Family. The Family Journal: Counseling & Therapy for Couples & Families, 8, 47-57.


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