College of Education Faculty Publications

Below is a list of publications by the college's current faculty.

Frank Lilly

  • Bramwell, G. F.,Reilly, R. Lilly, F., Kronish, N., Chennabathni, R. (2010, under revision). Creative Teachers. Roper Review.

  • Lilly, F. R. (1992). Gender differences in the memory of self/other interactions within a social exchange context. Unpublished master's thesis, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, Oklahoma.

  • Lilly, F. R. (2002). Thinking outside the box: Studying a creative teacher. Unpublished dissertation, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

  • Lilly, F.R., Bramwell-Rejskind, G. (2004). The dynamics of creative teaching. The Journal of Creative Behavior, 38(2), 102-124.

  • Mitchell, S. N., & Lilly, F.R. (in revision, 2005). Collaborative action research for the beginning teacher: Maintaining a school university partnership. Teachers College Record.

  • Mitchell, S. N., Reilly, R., Bramwell-Rejskind, G. F., Lilly, F., & Slonosky, A. (2004). Friendship and choosing groupmates: Preferences for teacher selected vs. student selected groupings in high school science classes. Journal of Instructional Psychology, 31(1), 20-32.

  • Reilly, R., Lilly, F.R., Bramwell, G., & Kronish, N. (in revision, April, 2010). Creative teachers: Canadian cases. Submitted to Teacher and Teacher Research.

  • Roy, R., Benenson, J. F., & Lilly, F. (2000). Beyond intimacy. Conceptualizing sex differences in same-sex friendships. The Journal of Psychology, 134(1), 93-101.