Forms and Handbooks for Students

This page collects commonly used forms and handbooks. For forms and handbooks used in specific academic areas, use these links.

Forms - Specific Areas Handbooks - Specific Areas
Forms: Undergraduate Studies
Forms: Teaching Credentials
Forms: Graduate and Professional Studies
Forms: Doctorate in Educational Leadership
Handbooks: Undergraduate Studies
Handbooks: Teaching Credentials
Handbooks: Graduate and Professional Studies
Handbooks: Doctorate in Educational Leadership

Forms - General Use

A comprehensive set of forms can be found on two university pages:

Commonly Used Forms - General File Type
Change Your Student Record Information (Change of Major/Minor, Change of Address/Email/Phone Number, etc) Web Link
Degree Evaluations (Course Substitutions, Degree Review, etc) Web Link
Special Problems Petition PDF document icon
Update Registration or Academic Record (Add/Drop Petition, Petition to Exceed 18 Units, Withdrawal Form, etc) Web Link
Commonly Used Forms - Post-Baccalaureate Students File Type
Academic/Curriculum Forms and Petitions (Add/Drop Petition, Continuous Enrollment Form, etc) Web Link
Candidacy Forms and Petitions (Advancement to Candidacy, Classification Application, Petition for Exception, etc) Web Link
Graduation/Diploma Forms (Graduation Application, Graduation Date Change, etc) Web Link
Human Subjects Forms and Guidelines Web Link
Thesis/Project/Dissertation Forms and Guides Web Link
Writing Placement for Graduates (WPG) Waiver Form Web Link


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