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Graduation and Commencement Ceremony

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Graduating Information Information on general education and graduation requirements
Commencement Information General information about the commencement ceremony
Commencement Ceremony Information about the College of Education's commencement ceremony
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Academic and Program Support
Staff in the Academic and Program Support-APS office monitor candidate progress
towards completion of the requirements for his/her credential program and record this
progress using a secure, electronic checklist form accessible by appropriate College staff and faculty (e.g., program coordinators, department chair, etc.) and tailored to the
requirements of the specific credential program. Fulfillment of credential program
requirements is verified using university records (e.g., transcripts, semester grades) and
evidence supplied by the candidate (e.g., official score reports).

APS staff regularly communicate with any candidate who does not have appropriate
documentation for the requirements of his/her credential program or is not making
adequate progress, per policies and guidelines described above. If you as a candidate
have received communication from the APS staff about a missing item, please respond to
this communication promptly so that you do not experience delay during the credential
application process. Each candidate’s checklist and all related evidence are available to
the College’s Credential Analyst I and II.

Credential Analyst
During the final semester of the candidate’s program, the Credential Analyst will review
the candidate’s file for completeness. The Credential Analyst will notify candidates of the
process of applying for their credential through presentations, emails, and in person
advising. Upon receiving completed credential applications a final review will be
completed to insure that all required items have been submitted, field work is completed,
and all passing grades have been received. The Credential Analyst will then complete the
appropriate credential recommendation to the CTC. The candidate will then receive
notification from the CTC on how to pay for and review their granted credential. The
Credential Analyst Office is Eureka 414.

Non-Discrimination Policy