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The Office of Contracts, Scholarships and Safety Review Specialist (CSSR) handles the following logistical services for the College of Education:

Memorandums of Understanding/Agreements
The College enters into many formal agreements with a variety of agencies in the course of carrying out its educational mission. These agreements are commonly with agencies like school districts or other public entities. They may also be with private organizations or businesses. These agreements govern these relationships and are maintained, revised, and canceled as needs change.

CSSR oversees the contractual relationship between the College and the College of Continuing Education, which offers curricular programs in some academic areas governed by the College. CSSR oversees course proposals and faculty contracts for the winter and spring academic session. In addition, the office also acts as liaison with University Enterprises, Inc. (UEI) for relevant faculty contracts and grants.

The College operates a vibrant scholarship program. CSSR oversees the application process for these scholarships.

Risk Management and Safety
Each College identifies an individual/office that provides risk management and safety services. CCRS work in partnership with the broader university to assure safety practices and policies are adhered to within the College. CSSR also provides accident reporting to the University as necessary.

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