Offices and Services


Dean's Office

(916) 278-6639 | Eureka Hall 206
The Dean's Office is the central administrative office, providing a variety of services to students, faculty, staff, and the public. Visitors are welcome any time.
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Graphics and Website Center

(916) 278-5549 | Eureka Hall 202 |
The Graphics Center provides web and graphic design services to faculty and staff.
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Information Technology and Data Management Office

(916) 278-4359 | Eureka Hall 203 
The Information Technology and Data Management Office supports the College's computer infrastructure and its data collection and analysis activities.
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Office of the Budget Analyst

(916) 278-7012 | Eureka Hall 224 |
The Office of the Budge Analyst oversees the College budget, providing financial analysis and planning throughout the fiscal year.
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Office of Contracts, Scholarships, and Safety Review Specialist

(916) 278-3789 | Eureka Hall 212 |
The Office of Contracts, Scholarships and Safety Review Specialist (CSSR) handles the following logistical services for the College of Education: memorandums of understanding/agreements, contracts, scholarships, and risk management/safety.
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Office of Development, Communications, and Alumni Relations

(916) 278-3618 | Eureka Hall 224 |
The Office of Development, Communications, and Alumni Relations manages the College's fundraising efforts, general public communications, and its repoire with alumni and community members.
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Academic and Program Services

(916) 278-6639 | Eureka Hall 401
The Academic and Program Services is the one-stop shop for all student services.
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AERO Office: Advising, Equity, Retention, Recruitment, Recommendation, and Outreach

(916) 278-6403 | Eureka Hall 437 |
The AERO office provides three primary services: advising (future and current students), equity assistance (specific student populations), and recommendation (generally, students seeking their formal credential after completing one of the College's credential programs).
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Center for Counseling and Diagnostic Services (CCDS)

(916) 278-6252 | Eureka Hall 421 |
The Center for Counseling and Diagnostic Services, in operation since 1968, serves students and the general public.
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Credential Analyst Office

(916) 278-5553 | Eureka Hall 414 |
The Credentials Analyst, part of the AERO Office, oversees advising and administrative services for students receiving credentials and authorizations.
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Equity Office

(916) 278-4324 | Eureka Hall 436 |
The Equity Office provides advising and career development resources for specific student groups. Among these are financial aid work study candidates, Cal Grant recipients, individuals that are first in family college students, and English language learners.
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