Lynda Stone


Contact Information

Brighton Hall 228
(916) 278-4326

Office Hours

Spring 2017

Areas Research/Scholarly Activity

My work is grounded in cultural-historical theories of human development. I have several strands of research that include:
Collaborative construction of knowledge in formal and informal learning situations
Regulatory processes
Practical-moral knowledge and engagement
Identity processes
Creativity and the relational habitus
Semitoic mediation in literacy learning and development

Courses Taught

  • CHDV 135 Cross-cultural Studies of Development
  • CHDV 137 Cognitive Development
  • CHDV 153 Apprenticeship in Qualiative Research
  • CHDV 144 Service Learning
  • CHDV 210 Social and Emotional Development
  • CHDV 211 Cognitive Development
  • CHDV 245 Special Topics - Creativity, Identity, Discourse
  • Analysis and Human Development
  • CHDV 246 Motivation and Learning
  • CHDV 247 Cross-cultural Research in Development
  • CHDV 249 Language in Developmental Processes
  • CHDV 253 Advance Mentorship in Qualitative Research

Educational Degrees

Post-Doctoral Scholar, Emphasis: Micro-developmental processes in computer-mediated learning, Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, 1996 - 1998
Ph.D. Education, Emphasis: Contextual structuring of developmental processes during literacy and mathematics learning University of California, Los Angeles, 1996
M.A. Education Leadership, Emphasis: Problem-solving Processes Fostered Through Art Activity, University of San Francisco, San Francisco, 1980
B.A. Interdepartmental Major: Foundations of Natural Science, Emphasis: Biological Sciences, Departmental Major: French, California State University, Dominguez Hills

Select Publications

Stone, L.D. & Garcia-Nevarez, A. (2016). Social Justice: Agency and Practical-Moral Knowledge in the Teaching-Learning Process. In Social Justice Instruction: Empowerment on the Chalkboard R. Papa D. M. Eadens, & D. W. Eadens pg 213-226.

Stone, L.D. & Thompson, G. (2014). Classroom mood and the dance of stance: The role of affective and epistemic stance-taking in the development of a classroom mood. Culture, Learning, and Social Interaction .

Stone, L.D. (2013). The triadic dialogue reconsiderd: Microgenetic processes of transfer. Human Development, 341-345.

Stone, L.D., Kerrick, M., & Stoeckl, R. (2013). Practical-moral knowledge: The social organization of regulatory processes in academic contexts. Mind, Culture, and Activity, 372-392.

Stone, L. D., Underwood, C., & Hotchkiss, J. (2012). The relational habitus: Intersubjectivity in learning settings. Human Development, 55, 65-91.


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